Herkomst follows the post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh's spirits and insistence in capturing the most beautiful moment and penetrating deeper essential truths. Extending our brand's vision, our collaboration with the soap artist captures the fresh fragrances, vibrant colours and sophistication of life when we design and produce our high-quality handmade soaps. Herkomst thinks out of the box and introduces our customers with a groundbreaking concept of bringing accessorized soaps and fragrance products to our customers' everyday life. Inspired by various  moments of urban life, Herkomst brings attractive designs, vivid colours and seductive aroma of modern life to new heights. These artistic soaps were first produced to relieve pressure from work and to make life more enjoyable. They also made the perfect gifts for friends to spread love and concern.

‚ÄčOur soap artist gained her inspirations from the adage that "...without the sense of smell, everything will be dull and tasteless. All the fond memories and emotions will be vanished before you get to know them...". Realized that smells and scents do no only provoke feelings but also convey messages and constitute memories. Having realized the notions of life and understood that sharing could make all the differences. Herkomst aspires to be the "Soap of Your Life". We hope you could appreciate our dedication to the works of art and could make the most out of our soaps. We believe that there is a heart and soul held within each and every piece of soaps and fragrance products in which we do our best in crafting the products. Your appreciation and applause are the ultimate tribute to our fine craftsmanship.